Eligible SMEs may receive up to 15.000 EUR worth of support services for their IP valorisation and protection strategy.

The SMEs selected in the Open Call will become beneficiaries. For each service there will be a simple process to follow for the selected SMEs, which is detailed below:

IP Pre-diagnostics (Service 1)

  1. The Coordination Centre will provide the SMEs with information on the available IP experts in their area.
  2. The SMEs and the IP experts will arrange a schedule for the IP Pre-diagnostic service.
  3. Once the service is complete, the SME will fill out a simple feedback questionnaire through the Electronic Submission System to evaluate and conclude the service.

IP Protection Co-financing

Partial reimbursement of EPO fees (Service 2)

  1. To receive reimbursement, SMEs will need to submit a payment receipt from the EPO for an eligible patent application. The payment receipt must be issued after the support action was awarded.

  2. Once the receipt has been verified by the Coordination Centre the SME will receive the corresponding reimbursement.
  3. Beneficiaries will be reimbursed for 75% of the EPO fee stated on the payment receipt, up to a maximum amount of 2.500 EUR.

Partial reimbursement of IP attorney fees (Service 3)

  1. To receive reimbursement, SMEs will need to submit an invoice from an IP Patent Attorney entitled to act before the EPO. A list of profesionals qualified to represent beneficiaries before the EPO can be found here.
  2. The invoice must meet the following conditions:
    • Be issued by a qualified IP attorney after the support action was awarded.
    • Clearly indicate the patent application process it is related to or be accompanied by a statement indicating that the initial idea for a patent application has been discontinued as a result of the advice provided.
  3. Beneficiaries will be reimbursed for 50% of the amount of the invoice from the IP Patent Attorney, up to a maximum amount of 2.000 EUR.

More information for Beneficiaries is available through the IPA4SME electronic submission system (EMS).  

   Access EMS here